Youtuber dead?!

E news reported earlier today that top youtuber lswme has passed away, no more information was given

We”ll keep you up to date with latest news regarding the situation.


WWE SmackDown Staying On Friday Nights, Funny @WWE video

Syfy has updated their Fall schedule and WWE SmackDown will remain on Friday nights at 8pm EST.It was previously revealed by Syfy that SmackDown was moving to Thursday nights.

Haven, starring WWE Hall of Famer Edge, will still air on Thursday nights but at 8pm EST instead of 10pm EST.

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CM Punk’s Lawyers Send Letter to WWE Officials Over Royalties and Use of Punk’s Likeness


– CM Punk’s lawyers recently sent a 22-page letter to WWE over royalties and their use of his likeness, mainly him being featured in the WWE 2K15 video game.

This isn’t confirmed but WWE may have stopped sending Punk royalty checks over their claim that he breached his contract. Regarding the video game, the roster was put together before Punk quit the company.


Backstage News on Ryback’s WWE Status and His Cryptic Tweet, CM Punk Mention

– We’ve noted how Ryback tweeted that he was going away for a while. His tweet included a photo of his action figure standing over CM Punk’s action figure with a “sorry punk” commented.

WWE sources noted to PWInsider that back when Ryback feuded with Punk in 2012, there was a spot at an event where Ryback was supposed to drop Punk through a table. The spot was botched and Punk hit the floor, causing Punk to be hurt. Some of the wrestlers were under the impression this week that Ryback was just taking a shot and making fun of CM Punk.

Ryback is not expected to take any time off and the sources talking did not believe he was really injured. It’s worth noting that Curtis Axel has been working singles matches for about a week now and as noted, Adam Rose mentioned on Main Event last night that Ryback is injured.

John Cena Reportedly Dealing With Major Injury Problems, Concern Over His WWE Future

There has been talk within WWE for about 6-8 weeks that John Cena is still having problems with his shoulder but is now having more problems with his neck. These are longterm nagging issues that Cena has been dealing with.

It was also said that there are a lot of people within WWE keeping an eye on Cena to see where he will be going forward in regards to acting and not wrestling as much.

There are also people within WWE who say Cena appears to be in pain and they believe Cena has slowed down physically in the way he moves.

Backstage News on Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar, Original Plans for Lesnar and Daniel Bryan

– In regards to recent rumors of Vince McMahon and Triple H being at odds over who will face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31, Roman Reigns or The Rock, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently noted that Reigns vs. Lesnar was decided on either shortly before or shortly after WrestleMania XXX. Plans are always subject to change but it looks like Reigns will get his title shot next year.

Lesnar’s SummerSlam and Night of Champions matches with John Cena were originally set to be Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan until Bryan got injured. The idea would have been that Lesnar returned to crush the hearts of fans with a reality check by defeating Bryan, continued his dominance and then Reigns would have saved the day and ended Lesnar’s reign.